Since 1992, the Leichner Financial Group has been successfully creating financial legacies for individuals, families and businesses in Northern Ohio. The Leichner Financial Group is a process driven, solution-oriented firm that considers integrity, professionalism and dedication to our clients to be the cornerstone of our business. Working together with our clients, we assist them in bridging the gap between their current situation and their short and long term financial goals and desires. By working closely with our clients and their teams we are able to recommend more complete and cohesive strategies tailored to each client. Our conservative philosophy and prudent principles have enabled us to help our clients pursue their financial objectives. Our mission of enhancing our clients' financial situations by using a full range of products & services allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of personal service while delivering the best value through the strength and resources of a national network.

Our success is measured by the number of clients who consider us their most trusted financial professionals.

Mission Statement With integrity and humanity, we guide individuals through a cohesive financial process to identify, define, and organize their financial goals and objectives. We develop customized strategies which allow our clients to accomplish their specific goals. We continue to work with our clients to adapt to the changes that occur throughout their lives with regular reviews of their strategy. Every decision we make, every action we take has one overriding purpose: to be here when our clients need us.

Client Profile Our clients are looking for tax efficient strategies* that meet their individual goals and provide protection of their income and assets. After completing our financial process, our clients are willing to take the necessary steps to implement the recommended solutions. Many of our clients have recently experienced a major financial life event, such as, retirement, change in employment status, loss of a spouse, sale of a business, or have received an inheritance or financial settlement. For our business clients we offer executive and employee benefits, qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, as well as group and individual health insurance plans.



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